Sailing Buzzards Bay….. finally


We went for out first sail of the season yesterday, Monday Memorial Day. Janet’s friend Elaine came with us for the day. That’s Elaine at the helm in the picture above.

It was a great first day out on the Bay. In the morning the weather conditions were partly cloudy and almost zero wind. The breeze started to build by the time we dropped the mooring lines at 10:30. We motored out the harbor, with a gentle southerly breeze of around 10 knot kicking in by the time we reached Mattapoisett’s outer harbor. We sailed all the way across the bay in perfect conditions, reaching the entrance to Quissett Harbor at about 12:30.

This year I plan on exploring more of Buzzard Bay’s harbors and coves. With the morning’s southerly breeze, we were able to steer a closed hauled course of 155 degrees magnetic all the way across the Bay. I’ve never been to Quissett ( pronounced “kiss’it”) so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to sail up to the harbors entrance and get familiar with the location of the channel markers and landmarks. It’s a very small harbor, so visiting in July or August is out. If I don’t return in the next couple of weeks, maybe we’ll take a trip over in September.

During the afternoon, on our return trip, the winds picked up to about 15 – 18 knots and shifted to the west. We took in some of the headsail and flew back to Mattapoisett Harbor to end our first sail. Surprisingly there were no problems of any kind. I usually use the the first sail of the season as the shakedown cruise to fix any problems, especially in rigging the boat. But, I guess I’ve done this so many times over the years that I’ve got it down to a science.

Janet and I made it down to the boat on Saturday. We had a lot to do with getting the boat ready and possible thunderstorms were forecast so we stayed in port. Also, we made plans with John and Suzanne for dinner. Their boat Moor at Rest II is still in the harbor. So they motored over with their dinghy. The four of us and their dog Emma had a great pasta and vegetarian dinner on Galatea that Janet cooked. I opened a couple of bottles of red wine and we had a fun evening together.

My breakfast Monday morning …….

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