Ready for Sea


Galatea was launched last week. She’s looking great. I spent all of last Saturday getting her ready; putting the sails on, getting the engine started, cleaning up. She’s ready for heading out to sea. I was tempted to take take her out for a spin after I finished all of my tasks. But I was still getting over the Swine flu so I didn’t have the strength to do it. The picture above is from the launch as we approached in the fog.

Buzzards Bay was pea soup fog during the morning, Mattapoisett Harbor had some light fog. Regardless, it was just great getting out there.

Once I stood on the deck of Galatea, after the launch dropped me off, I was thrilled. It was a euphoric feeling of being on the water again. I just soaked it all in before proceeding to my work for the day. It was very cool.

The winds were out of the SE that day causing a swell in the harbor. As I’ve mentioned before, Mattapoisett is open to the East and SE. Putting on the sails by myself was an adventure. The boat was rocking up and down and there I was all over the deck trying to put the sails on. I managed but it would have made a great youtube video under their comedy section.

One good thing was the engine started right up. I couldn’t believe how easy. Normally, if the engine has sat for a while it can take quite a bit of effort to get that diesel running. But this just started up in 2 seconds. I mean I just cranked it and it started. I know why. I have new fully charged batteries. That makes all the difference. Last year when I’d sit there with the key turned on for 30 seconds trying to crank the engine started……. I should have known it was the battery. I thought the diesel was just getting old. From now on I plan on replacing the starting battery every 2 years regardless of how much charge I think it’s holding.

Next weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Janet and I plan on spending our first weekend on the water. We have to completely provision the boat: food, drinking water, pillows, blankets. Pretty much everything. We’ll plan on spending the 1st day just provisioning and settling in, then we’ll spend the night on the water, and the next day go for a sail. The sailing season has begun!!!!!

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