The last day before spring launch

   Janet and I are tired, beat up, and bruised today. We went all out yesterday, Saturday, to get Galatea ready for launch on Monday. I took the picture, above, of Janet while she was on waxing the deck. She probably won’t like this picture. She had just stood up while I snapped the picture of her. But it’s the only one I had of her on the deck.

 We did the usual 101 final things that needed to get done and/or checked before the boat can be launched. Janet took the picture of me, above, while I was filling the water tanks. Normally I wait till the boat’s in the water and motor over to the dock to fill the tanks. But, the boatyard moved the boat from the inland yard over to the yard on the water. You can see that in the first picture with Janet. We’re just a few feet away for the launch area so filling the water tanks is no big deal.

 The other thing I was able to do this year, was inspect the mast and standing rigging. Usually, the mast is in the shed and I never get to see it till it’s on the boat in water. You can see the mast laying sideways on the other side of Galatea in the bottom picture. The SS wire all looks great but the turnbuckles will be replaced next season. The question will be whether to replace all the standing rigging as a preventative measure or just replace the turnbuckles. I’ve got a year to think about it.

 Well, today Janet and I are just going to recover and rest our bodies while we go visit our moms for Mothers Day.

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