The Headliner Project

  As I mentioned briefly in a previous blog entry I’ve been replacing the vinyl on the headliner in the cabin. The old vinyl had turned a hideous pinkish red due to 23 years of fading. I’m replacing all the carpeting and the headliner with the new off-white SeaQuest vinyl from West Marine. In the picture above, I’m in the process of cutting the pattern for the headliner board.

 After cutting the pattern, contact cement was brushed on each surface and allowed to dry for 1/2 hour.

 I then placed the board on top of the vinyl, lined up all the sides, and walked on the board, back and forth trying to get the glue to stick.  Afterwich, I folded the edges of the vinyl back behind the board and stapled them down. Above is the finished product.

 The first headline board (from the previous pictures) is installed in Galatea. Let me just say, this large board was no fun. I had to balance the board on my head, while I drilled the holes through the headliner and finally put all the screws in. Whew!!!

  Voila, fini. It looks great. The off-white will really make the cabin brighter.

  I still have some more work with the headliner and cosmetics. The smaller pieces for covering the winches and so forth still need to be installed. And the center hatch got hacked up while I was removing the boards. So that will need repair. I’m thinking of covering it with the leftover strips of vinyl. That should work nicely.

 Also, I’m still in the process of installing the vinyl for the hull liner, in the forward cabin, the main cabin, and in the cabinets. I think it’s going to look awesome when it’s all done. Not to mention smell a whole lot better with all the old carpeting removed.

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