Along the shore

I’m posting some more of my photograph I’ve taken along the shore. What I consider the beauty that exists all around us. Today’s theme is flowers and the sea ……..

All these pictures were taken by Cresent Beach in Mattapoisett.

I have hundreds of these kinds of pictures along the shore. Unfortunately, I can only share a few picture in my my blog.

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  1. Scott Keck says:

    Especially like the one with the old dinghy in the background!

    Hey, I sold the Ranger 23 on Saturday… for $500! The guy that bought it was surprised I hadn’t sold it for more before he got there. That’s the economy for you. When I went by on Sunday to drop off some extra gear I’d been storing, he’d already been sanding and painting the deck… I think I sold her to the right guy. I got a little teary-eyed as I locked up her hatch for the last time and started to walk away down the dock…

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