4th of July Vineyard Trip (part 1)

Janet and I spent 5 days on Martha’s Vineyard during the 4th of July week. This was our only planned summer vacation ( since we spent two weeks in Italy in May). We sailed to Vineyard Haven on Wednesday, July 4th and picked up a mooring outside the breakwater. Anchoring wasn’t an option since a storm was expected that night. And, man, did that ever hit us hard. It was blowing 30 knots most of the night, and who knows what it was gusting to. Janet slept right though it. I was awake half the night worrying whether I put enough temporary chafing guard on the mooring line, if the mooring equipment was in good enough condition to hold, and the countless other things that can go wrong during a storm.

Anyways, we lived on the boat for the five days while enjoying our vacation on the Island. It was really a case of moving our summer cottage from Mattapoisett to Vineyard Haven. At a fraction of the cost of renting a summer house or getting a hotel. As the saying goes ( using a thick Boston accent), “What a bargain!”

The picture above is Galatea at a mooring in Vineyard Haven. To get back and forth, we took The Jenhiu (our dinghy) back and forth to the town dock at Owen Park. That’s half the fun. Janet’s mentioned she likes cruising around in the Jenhiu more than sailing sometimes. I can see why.

A word about the moorings in Vineyard Haven. We picked up a conical shaped white mooring with a blue stripe outside the breakwater, as the harbor master informed us was ok. However, it’s more complicated. Only pick up the moorings with the red lettering “Rental”. In the same location of the mooring field there are other identical white with blue striped moorings that are private. You’d never know those are private moorings because they’re mixed in with the rentals. I don’t know how many there may be, but we picked one of them up. On the bright side, we spent two nights at a mooring for free :-)



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  1. Carter Brey says:

    Thanks for the great blog– very informative and readable. I sail a 1982 Sabre 28 out of City Island, NY and am putting together cruising plans for July 2008. I’d like to make it to Martha’s Vineyard and am debating various options such as Lake Tashmoo and Vineyard Haven. Your writing about Tashmoo coincides nicely with what my cruising friends have told me; it’s moving to the top of the list.

    I’m curious about the Vineyard Haven moorings outside the breakwater. Do you find it reasonably smooth there despite the coming and going of the ferry? I’m assuming I have no chance of finding a mooring inside the breakwater over the July 4th weekend (I’d probably arrive at noon on July 3rd– no way to arrive sooner). Again, Lake Tashmoo looks like a more likely option.

    Thanks again,
    Carter Brey

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