Another Maintenance Update

 Lots to report on. Last weekend I went down to Mattapoisett to work on the boat.  Sure enough, as I started looking into things, I found more work for myself. My first project of the day, the steering linkage to the rudder needed tightening up. So, when I crawled into the stern by the steering mechanism, the first thing I noticed was a dark, black mold surrounding one of the plastic thru-hull fittings to the stern. When I went to give the thru-hull fitting a tug to see  what was up, the damn thing just broke off in my hand.

Obviously it had been broken for some time and water was entering at the hole in the hull. Hence, the black mold. I ended up having to pull out the other thru-hull fitting, as well. In the picture above of the stern, I’ve covered the two thru-hull holes with black duct tape. They’re the two black patches at the bottom near the ss exhaust port.

 Inside of the stern, carpeting covers the entire hull. Or I should say it did. Along with the black mold, the rest of the carpeting was pretty ratty with mold and dirt. Yuck!! I had to pull that all out, as well. That was nasty. The carpeting is all glued in. Pulling that off was a mess. I wore a face mask of course. But as I was working on it, I just thought what a stupid engineering design to carpet the inside of a boat. Sure, it looks good and it acts as sound and thermal insulation. But sooner or later that carpeting is going to get moldy and cruddy. As I’ve discovered.

  I plan on pulling out ALL of the carpeting in the boat this year and replacing it with a vinyl fabric from West Marine. I think thats going to look much better, not to mentioned mold and mildew resistant.

  I’ve also been getting my “take home” work accomplished. The picture above shows my workbench with one of the cabin sole floorboards I was just about to sand down. In the background are two of my winched I removed from my deck to be able to disassemble it, clean it, and regrease. Also, in the picture you can see the plastic thru-hull fitting that I’m in the process of replacing with new bronze thru-hulls. I had to measure them for the replacements.

 Oh, and another thing I’m working on at home is the stern ladder. From the top picture, you can see I removed it, and placed duct tape over the holes. Thats the duct tape on either side of the stern window. I had to take the ladder home because it was rusting and bleeding rust onto the transom. It was doing that for years, and the rust really stained the hull. This year I was determined to fix that problem and get the rust off the hull. Which by the way came off very well with CLR from Zep. I’ve tried numerous products over the years, but nothing worked as good as CLR. Good thing to keep in mind.

 Anyways, off to do some ordering of parts in the West Marine catalog. I tell ya, this never ends. On the other hand, as I mention to Janet from time to time, I’m so busy with the boat maintenance that I’ll never have time for a middle age crisis.  Later.

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  1. Scott Keck says:

    Hey, if you haven’t checked them out, give Garhauer Marine a try. They’re in the midwest and they have terrific prices, bulletproof hardware, and wonderful customer service.

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