Boat maintenance update

I went down to the boat yesterday to begin my maintenance projects. It was my first trip down all winter. Overall, the boat looked pretty good. The cheapo tarp I covered the deck with had blown to the side, as the picture shows. But, all in all, everything was good.

Originally I thought that I wouldn’t  have much maintenance to do this year. NOT!!! I can’t believe I even thought that. The boats 23 years old…… there’s always lots of work to do. For starters, the cabin windows both port and starboard need replacing. Yesterday, I pulled down the cabin headliner. The picture above shows one of the panels removed. I plan on replacing the the vinyl covering the panels with a color that matches our new boat cushions. Though, yesterday, once I removed the panels I discovered leaks under the dorade boxes. Dorade boxes allow air to enter the cabin but keeps the water out. In the picture above, you can see the bottom of them, they’re the round white plastic openings on either side of the cabin ceiling. So, I disassembled the dorade boxes and was just amazed at how how poorly engineered these dorade boxes are.  They’re built into the cabin roof. With the base or floor of the dorade box screwed into the cabin ceiling. And what I discovered once I removed the bottoms of the dorade boxes was how the caulking had shrunk over the years, as all caulking does. Well with the caulking shrunk, as water entered the dorade box it went down the inside of the cabin gelcoat liner or dripped straight on the seats in the cabin.

I tell ya, it’s always something with a boat. I should have disassembled the cabin ceiling years ago. But the reality is, there’s just so much work to do on a boat there’s only so much any one person can handle. Anyways, I’ve got a lot of maintenance this winter and spring. I’ll be keeping you posted.

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  1. Scott Keck says:

    Hey, in the latest issue of Good Old Boat, there’s a good article about making epoxy “pedestals” for your chainplate attachments… maybe there’s the seed of an idea for some kind of dorade-box fix there?

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