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I’ve taken a hiatus from all things boating this winter of 2008/2009.  I haven’t done any work on the boat or made any plans for repairs.  Nor have I been updating this blog, obviously. Part of the reason I haven’t done anything was the very real possibility of layoffs from work due to the economic meltdown we’re all facing. If I lost my job I’d have to give up the boat. Probably just have to give Galatea away. With that reality I just didn’t have the positive attitude of doing all the work needed to get her ready for another season. Nor did I have a good attitude about boating in general. I was just down about the whole thing.

Well, thank god I didn’t loose my job. So, now I just took a nice breather and I’ve got my groove back for another sailing season. I’m psyched!!! As the title of this blog states “I’m Back!!!”.  I plan on entering all of my activities for getting Galatea ready for another year. The work isn’t as extensive as previous years but there’s still a lot of hard work ahead.

The picture above is a Mayan lighthouse on the coast of the Yucatan that I took while Janet and I were in Mexico last week. I thought the picture was pretty cool so I thought I’d post it. The structure was built around 1300 AD. The Mayans lit fires inside of the stone building to mark the coastline. Check out the green water. I was just amazed how beautiful and green the ocean is in Mexico. Not to mention the 75 degree water and 83 degree sunshiny days in the middle of February….. got to love that!!!!

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  1. Scott Keck says:

    Hey Frank! Glad to hear you dodged the bullet and are back. I’m still trying to unload the Ranger 23 – can’t even give it away! Yike…. Very happy that you and Galatea will be “a couple” for another season. Elaine and I don’t have our trip dates nailed down, but hopefully we’ll be out on the Cape again in Aug/Sept. and can hook up with you guys for some more wonderful water-time.

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