Winter Storage

    Galatea is on jackstands in the boatyard. I drove down to Mattapoisett last weekend see her after the haulout.

I got the boat and engine winterized. I did the usual first inspection of the boat out of the water and started my winter project to do lists. The good news is that everything looked GREAT. I was really happy. The keel looked great (I had it re-bedded before the spring launch). The rudder looked fine. I did not see any evidence of shell seperation or water pentration.  The hull looked good. The deck looked good.

 All the projects I have to do this year are really minor.  Mostly tedious small tasks.

  I won’t have much to write about over the winter then. I thought blogging about maintenance stuff was boring anyways.  I thought, until the spring, I would keep myself busy with various topics and pictures of the sea pertaining to New England. I noticed that I’m receiving over a hundred unique visitors a month. My web analyser states 250, but I think many people use different computers when they’re surfing the web. So, to keep my audience happy I’ll continue to post blogs over the winter instead of going into hibernation.

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  1. Scott says:

    Who says maintenance blogs are boring? ;-D Blog away!

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