Filleting and cooking bluefish

I’m passing along how to fillet and cook bluefish from my good friend Richard who lives on Martha’s Vineyard. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact Rich at:

Filleting a blue is really easy — though messy!Start with a “fish knife”. Spend about $30 and get a stainless steel blade about 8-10″ long — SHARP and thin blade. Lay fish flat cut off head behind the gills cut tail above the tail fin slice the bottom, end to end, to expose and remove the guts (bury guts and head under bushes — good fertilizer!). Starting at the tail-end, lift the skin with your fingers and work the blade slowly between the meat and the skin, working your way toward the head. Work the angle of the blade upward toward the skin as you cut. The effort here is to separate the meat from the skin. (You won’t get all of it.) Work both sides, one side at a time. You will end up with two 12″ long fillets.

Two recipes:

1. fillet the fish cleanly. Shake fillet in a bag of flour, pepper, paprika and salt. Fry the fillet in butter (or deep fry in oil). Add lemon juice at the END of the cooking process.
2. fillet the fish cleanly. Mix 1 cup of Tanqueray Gin with a big scoop of mayonnaise and chopped Cilantro and squeeze two lemons into the mix. Slather the mixture over the fillet and then wrap the fillet in tin-foil. Place on the grill until thoroughly cooked. The gin mix will basically boil the fish inside the wrapper. YUM YUM! Remember, blue is a heavy-tasting fish. I like to “lighten up” the flavor with either sour (lemons) or spicy flavors.


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