Autumn in Mattapoisett

   I’m posting some pictures of Mattapoisett in the Fall. After our last sail of the season, Janet and I drove over to Coyote Beach to pick some Rose Hips (for jam). The picture above is of the Wharves.

   The harbor……….

   Another view at Coyote Beach ….

  The marshes behind Coyote Beach …..

  Another view of the harbor and the beach……

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  1. Kelly says:

    I very much have enjoyed your blog from what I have read so far. I live in Mattapoisett and my husband works for Brownell Systems as a boat hauler. We have a 27 foot Ericson that we purchased last summer. We sailed quite a bit last summer but have yet to travel outside of Buzzards Bay, we are hoping to go a little farther this year.

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