Around the Weepecket Islands


    Last weekend I went sailing on Buzzards Bay by myself. I just went for a sail with no particular destination. When I reached the middle of the bay I thought I’d sail over to the entrance to Woods Hole. Three quarters of the way across the Bay it occured to me that I’ve never explored the Weepecket Islands. So, I set my course and decided to circumnavigate the small island group. The picture above was on my original approach.

    The Weepecket Islands  are located a few hundred yards north of Naushon Island.  There’s a channel between the Islands that I navigated through. At first I was a bit nervous going through the channel because it was my first time. But as I got through I found there was plenty of room and the plenty of depth (at least 45 feet).

  The picture above shows a nice little anchorage on the lee side of the largest island. The picture below is a close up of the beach on the southern side of the island. I saw several people pull their dinghies up onto the beach so it looks OK to do. Next season, Janet an I will have to sail over here for a day on the beach before heading over to Hadley’s Harbor for the night.

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