Daysailing with friends


   I’m catching up today with my blog entries. It’s been a few weeks since we met our friends Scott and Elaine and took them out for a day sail on the Bay.  They were here on vacation for a couple of weeks (from San Francisco). Luckily, we had fantastic weather for our sail.

    I thought I’d post a few pictures I took that day.

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  1. Scott says:

    Frank – LOL, I forgot this would post to the website and not email you. We did, indeed, have spectacular weather for our sail on Buzzard’s Bay that day. Galatea’s a sweet sailing vessel; 8-15 kts of wind, the occasional calm spot, and a pretty much flat Bay all day combined for one of the best sails ever. Warm sunshine and a dry seat made it quite different than sailing my Ranger 23 on San Francisco Bay in the summer, with 20-30kts of breeze, 4′ chop and plenty of spray over the rail! I think I like your variety better, and I know Elaine does.. ;-D. We look forward to having you guys visit so we can take you for a (slightly wetter, windier and colder but still fun!) sail out here.

  2. Elaine says:

    Hi Frank,

    Nice pics! We had a great time sailing and hanging out with you and Janet. We’re already looking forward to next summer.

    Hope you’re both doing well. We’re having some pretty nice weather here in SF at the moment and I just heard the news that my mom and brother Paul will fly out for Christmas. Yea!

    Love to Janet,


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