My first Bluefish


I just had to post of picture of my first bluefish I caught in Buzzards Bay. Well actually, to be honest, it’s the first Bluefish I ever caught. Ever. OK, I’m a terrible fisherman. I admit it. I couldn’t catch a fish if I was starving and my life depended on it. But everyone gets lucky sooner or later. I was out sailing by myself a few weeks ago, about the middle of June, when I decided to get out my old rusty fishing rod and give it a try. It was a gorgeous day with NE winds about 10-15 knots and seas about 2 – 3 feet.

I lowered the fishing lore into the water and gave out all the line I had. Which wasn’t much. I hadn’t touched the fishing rod in a few years and I should have put new line on before heading out. What could I do at that point. I just figured what the hell, I’ll just give it try. With almost all the line played out I tied the pole to the stern pulpit and got back to sailing the boat. Well, within 20 minutes I snagged something. I immediately pointed Galatea into the wind and set the autopilot. Then I grabbed my knife. Chances where I hooked a lobster pot and I’d need to cut the line fast or loose my fishing rod.

As soon as I started reeling in the line I knew I caught a fish. The line was going back and forth in the water. The fight was on. As I reeled in, my first thought was I caught a stripper. My fishing rod was curled quite a ways, it must be huge. It only took a few seconds to realize, nope, this fish is fighting like hell. It could only be a bluefish. It ended up being quite a struggle. There I was by myself, my sailboat bouncing around in the waves. The sails flapping wildly about as I reeled in the fish. I felt like “The old man and sea”. It was really cool. When I finally got the bluefish onto my boat, it was a great sense of accomplishment considering as I mentioned that I’ve always been a terrible fisherman. But I did it. Perseverence always pays off.

As soon as I caught the fish I called my wife, Janet, and told her not to make anything for dinner. We’d be eating bluefish that night. When I got home that day, Janet was smart to take a few pictures before we started filleting. We measured the bluefish to be 28 inches long and weighting nearly 6 pounds ( 5 lbs, 13 oz). The picture shows the lore I used to catch it. It was easier to carry it home with the lore still attached. Anyways, Janet figured how to cook it and we had a feast that night!!!

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