Buzzards Bay Regatta


   On our sailing trip over to Martha’s Vineyard on the weekend on August 1st thru the 3rd we sailed through the fleet of racing sailboats of the yearly Buzzards Bay Regatta.

  Actually, we sailed through the fleet on both the trip over and the trip back. While I was sailing Galatea, Janet took a lot of pictures of the race.  It was pretty cool seeing all of the sailboats together. These pictures I posted where on the first day. It appeared they where just sailing back and forth waiting for the race to begin.

 And we just really skirted the fleet that day. On our way home that Sunday, it was much more exciting. We sailed right through the fleet while they were in full racing mode. If I had the choice, I would have sailed around the entire race. But their race course was so extended across the bay it would have taken much too long to go around. In any case, dodging all of the racing boats was challenging. I wanted to give right of way to every boat that was on collision course with us. But that in itself posed problems because it’s my duty as skipper to hold my course when I’m the stand on vessel.

 So, I just zigged zagged through the fleet giving as much leeway as possible and not getting into right of way situations with any of the racers. The pictures I’m posting only shows a small number of all the boats that where out there. The pictures Janet took of the whole fleet shows the boats so small, they wouldn’t have been good pictures to post.


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