On Vacation ……….

cresent beach 

 Today is Saturday, July something or other. Janet and I are on vacation in Mattapoisett. We just finished the first week of our two week vacation. The fact that I have no idea what the date is shows I’m having a great, relaxing vacation.

We’re staying at the cottage and going to the beach every day, sailing every other day, and barbequeing every night. What a life, the three B’s: beach, boating, & BBQing. What vacations are all about. Oh yeah, how could I forget about the 4th B  (which I’ve been inbibing in quite a bit) : beer!!!!

This picture above is Cresent Beach where we spent our days.

 We’ve managed to get get some good day sails in. We’ve taken friends and family out on Buzzards Bay. I’ll post the pictures later when I’m home from vacation. Today we sailed over to the end of West Island in beautiful 10-15 knot winds from the southwest. Tacking all the way up to West Island and sailing on a run, wing on wing, all the way back to Mattapoisett Harbor. It was a picture perfect day out on Buzzards Bay.

  Next Thursday we have to clear out of the cottage. Janet’s cousins take the place the second half of the summer ( August 1st). So, we’ll be sleeping on Galatea Thursday night. We plan on sailing over to Lake Tashmoo on the Vineyard Friday. Then spend all day Saturday hanging out on the Island. And Sunday, hoist the sails for home.

  I plan on posting several blog entries when we’re home from vacation ( I have a lot to post).

 This picture below I just liked and felt like posting. It’s a picture of Buzzards Bay during a stormy day. I took this shot from one of the roads in the Cresent Beach community while walking around and taking a ton of pictures. 

cool pix

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