Weekends in Mattapoisett


   The week after my Vineyard sailing trip, Janet and I spent the weekend living on the boat and hanging out in Mattapoisett. The picture above is of the Harbor at sunset.

We went to the beach, ate at the Kinsale, visited Janets father at the cottage. And just enjoying our time down there. We didn’t go sailing that weekend. The conditions were so-so, we both prefered just relaxing on our cottage on the water.

 It was a fun time. But in hindsight I wished I had taken Galatea out for a daysail. The following weekend we couldn’t make it down to the boat. My jeep died and I had to buy a new one that weekend. And this weekend, the Fourth of July weekend is turning out to be rainy and stormy. In fact, today is the fourth of July and instead of being down on the boat I’m home catching up on my blog entries watching the rain come down outside. I”m not sure if we’ll get any sailing in this weekend.

 I guess we’ll be landlubbers, for today anyways, and go see some fireworks. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that. Prefering instead to get on the boat during the Fourth of July and sail to some destination. Usually seeing the fireworks from the distance while sitting in the comfort of Galatea’s cockpit and enjoying gin and tonics or some other cocktail.

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