Ship’s log 6/15

The following is the ships log for Galatea on June 15th. It comprises the information I entered into the log, as well as, comments I had written afterwards.

 8:15 – Ships crew awake. Crew members: Rafi Safarian and myself. Plan for the day is to sail home to Mattapoisett, straight across Vineyard Sound to Woods Hole, and across Buzzards Bay. We plan on leaving between 9:30 and 10:30 for the best tides across the shoals and currents through Woods Hole. Weather: light rain and overcast. SE winds 10 knots. Forecast from NWS: showers and scattered thunderstorms. East winds 10 knots, shifting to the NE and picking up to 15 knots in the afternoon.

9:40 – Weighed anchored in Lake Tashmoo. Light rain continues. Lighter skies to the south, darker skies to the north (were we’re headed).

10:05 – Sailing across Vineyard Sound. Winds 10 knots from the east, sea’s 2 feet. Cloudy, dark, and light rain. Taking the seas on our starboard beam. Course steered: directly to the entrance of Woods Hole.

10:40 – Reached entrance of Woods Hole. Winds increased to 15 knots and sea’s soon picked up to 5 feet in the Sound after Middle Ground Shoals. It was choopy ride, had to alter course several times to avoid the larger waves hitting us on the beam. Waves grew larger the closer we got to Woods Hole.

10:55 – Made it though Woods Hole in a favorable current.  In the western entrance of Woods Hole the winds appear to be out of the NE at 15 knots. (The difference between E wind in Vineyard Sound and NE in Buzzards Bay is probably due to apparent wind observation). Sea’s are 1 – 2 feet, rain getting a little heavier. Steering 345 degrees magnetic for Nye’s Ledge.

11:35 – Sailing in heavy rain, unbelievable downpours. Visability down to 50 yards, steering by GPS. I thought we were in fog at first, but low visability due to heavy rain, almost “White Squall” conditions. Winds still out of the NE at over 15 knots, we’re riding nearly on the rail. This is sailing!!! Course is still 345 degrees.

1:00 – Picked up our mooring in Mattapoisett Harbor. Rain stopped. Calm conditions, light winds out of the NE. Skies growing brighter.  Total time for voyage home = 3 hours 20 minutes. We flew across and had favorable currents in Woods Hole. Best quote of the day from Rafi was when we get back to Mattapoisett “Thank god we left Lake Tashmoo early enough. Otherwise we would have missed all the rain.”

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