Ships Log 6/14

 The following is the ships log for Galatea on June 14th. It comprises the information I entered into the log, as well as, comments I had written afterwards.

Saturday June 14, 2008

 6:40 – Ships crew awake. Crew members: Richard Rooney and Rafi Safarian. Plan for the day is to sail down Buzzards Bay, around Cuttyhunk, and up Vineyard sound. Destination is Lake Tashmoo.

Weather conditions: Sunny, no clouds, very light winds fron the north. Mattapoisett Harbor is mirror calm. Forcast from NWS: High temp’s in the mid 70’s, west winds 5-10 knots, becoming SE in the afternoon.

 7:50 – Dropped mooring lines in Mattapoisett. Motoring out of the harbor. Winds shifted to the west. Still very light at around 5 knots. Beautiful weather conditions. Hoping winds pick up later in the mooring. At least get a seabreeze if the land heats up enough.

9:00 – Steering 190 degree’s magnetic (as reported with fluxgate compass). Sea’s 1 foot. West wind 10 knots. We rounded the last green can before Nye’s Ledge a short while ago. Nice sailing but will be tacking down Buzzards Bay as long as the wind remains out of the west.

11:20 – Current position: outside of Robinson’s Hole. Still tacking against a west wind of about 10 knots. Sea’s still 1 foot. Clear skies. A bit hazy. Difficult to see Cuttyhunk. At the rate we’re travelling I’m doubting we will be able to sail around Cuttyhunk today. The only possibility we can round the island is if the wind shifts and picks up. Regardless, it’s just a great sailing day. Rafi, Richard, and myself and having a great time sailing.

1:00 – Made it through Quicks Hole and into Vineyard Sound. We sailed down Buzzards Bay past Quicks Hole still attempting to round Cuttyhunk but eventually I decided there was no way were going to be able to accomplish that and get into port my midnight. So, we headed back, plan B was Quicks Hole.

1:35 – Making headway about 1 knot in Vineyard Sound. Wind has died to a few knots at best. I’m hoping this lull in the wind is preceeding a wind shift. Not steering any course. We’re just heading over to Menemsha Bight. Beautiful day otherwise, sunny and hazy conditions. Flat sea’s.

2:40 – Winds remain light, shifted to the south. Making only about 1 knot of headway.We’re sailing a northerly course along the coastline of the Vineyard. Not certain if winds are actually out of the south or the land is having an effect. Never sailed here before so don’t know. Richard is telling us the history and landmarks of the Island as we travel.

 3:30 – Turned the motor on. Motor sailing with mainsail. Winds shifted to the north / northeast. Still very light winds at around 5 knots. I decided to motor through the wind instead of trying to tack our way north. Wanted to get into port before dark.

5:05 – Dropped the anchor in Lake Tashmoo. Picked the same spot I’ve anchored in the past, directly across from the town docks. The bottom appears to be all mud here, you can’t get any better holding ground.

5:20 – Wine, cheese, and cocktails …………

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