Sailing weekend with Rafi and Richard

rafi & rich

This past weekend, my friends Rafi S. and Richard R and I went sailing. In the picture Rafi is on the left (sailing the boat). Richard is on the right.

Janet planned to be away at a work seminar so Rafi and I made plans to sail to the Vineyard for the weekend. I told Rich about our plans and he was interested in joining our little adventure.

We picked Richard up at the New Bedford ferry terminal Friday night and headed over to Mattapoisett Harbor. The launch wasn’t running that night as I had hoped so we took a couple of trips with the Jenhiu to carry all our gear and supplies. After dinner on the boat, the three of us took the dinghy over to the wharf and headed to the Kinsale ( an Irish bar) for a couple of beers and live music. It was a fun time. Motoring back in the dark was another adventure.

We got up early the next mooring, around 6am, and sailed down Buzzards Bay. Tacking the entire way in light to moderate winds. Our original plan was to sail around Cuttyhunk Island and up Vineyard Sound. But the winds weren’t favorable so we ended up making our way through Quicks Hole, then over to Menemsha Bight, and up along the coast of the Vineyard. We spent the night in Lake Tashmo.
Richard’s wife Jan picked us up at the public landing in Tashmoo and dropped us off in Vineyard Haven, where we said our goodbyes to them both. Rafi and I then grabed a quick dinner at the Net Result before heading back to the boat and crashing. We were tired. It was a long day, a long sail. Nine hours of sailing.

Rafi and I sailed home in the rain the following Sunday. Light rain fell as we left Lake Tashmoo, and increased as the day progressed. By the time we were in the middle of Buzzards Bay we were hit with a torrential downpour. I mean it rained as hard as it possibly could rain. Visibility was down to around 50 yards at that point. It was a blast sailing at that point. Both Rafi and I enjoyed it. And I had the chance to check out my new foul weather gear, that Janet gave me as a present for Christmas.

By the time we entered Mattapoisett Harbr the rain had stopped and the winds had died down. Rafi made a good comment, I’m paraphrasing,  “Luckily, we left early enough otherwise we would have missed all the rain”.
All in all it was a great sailing weekend. And it was good to see Richard again. By the way, his sailboat Karma goes in the water this week!

My next blog entry I plan on entering my ships log for this trip. For day sails I never write in the ships log (nobody does). But for cruises, I write things down. Mostly to remember all of the information for future reference. And believe me there’s a lot of things to keep records of: water currents, areas of choppy seas, good anchorages, the best place to drop the hook, and even stuff on land such as the best places to get lobster rolls………..

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