The First Sail of the Season


This past Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend was our first sail of the season. It was a picture perfect spring day in the high sixties, with no clouds in the sky other than a few puffy whites off in the distance.

The picture above shows Janet acting as our model showcasing Galatea at the dock. Before heading out Janet and I went to the dock at Mattapoisett Boat Yard to get some diesel fuel and fill up the water tanks.

As we sailed out onto Buzzards Bay, the sea’s were calm, nearly flat with a gentle breeze of 5 to 10 knots out of the northeast. It was just an amazingly beautiful calm day. Janet especially loved it since she likes to sail under milder conditions than I would prefer.

more at rest

 We met up with our friends, John and Suzanne, in their sailboat “More At Rest”,  a Tartan 37, just outside of the second red nun in the outer part of Mattapoisett Harbor. I didn’t recognize their boat till they were nearly upon us. In the picture above, Suzanne is waving to us, John at the helm.

 We decided to sail together across the Bay to the Weepecket Islands just off of Naushon Island. It was fun sailing together or I should say sailing behind. Galatea soon fell behind the larger More At Rest. We spoke a few time with our cell phones, finding later on that they changed their plans and decided to make for Kettle Cove on Naushon. They were meeting friends in another Tartan 37 and planned to stay the night somewhere along the Elizabeth Islands. We ended up turning back home before we reached the cove. We weren’t planning on staying the night on the boat and had to get back before the Mattapoisett launch stopped running at 4:30.

The winds turned out to be variable during the day. Picking up to over 10 knots at times then subsiding to around 5 for long stretches. During the later afternoon the winds just died completely for while before picking up to a solid 15 knots later in the day. The wind always coming out of the NE. Regardless, it was just a perfect sailing day for our first time out.

The best news, though, was that there were no problems with the boat. The maiden voyage for every season I really use as a shakedown cruise. Making sure everything is working, noting anything I need to fix or adjust. But everything was fine. There were no problems whatsoever. Galatea is ready for sea. Oh, and one comment about the new dripless stuffing box. So far it has worked great. It hasn’t leaked at all and works according to the way it’s suppose to. I’m really happy with it. No more messing around with those old fashioned stuffing boxes!!!

  And I just threw in a picture of myself below, that Janet took of me while I was steering the boat on Sunday. I don’t have that many pictures of myself since I’m the one usually behind the camera.


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