The 2008 Sailing Season Begins


  Galatea was launched last week!!!!!!

  The picture above shows her as we first aproached on the launch. As you can see the mainsail and the genoa are not on yet. Janet and I installed the dodger while it was still on the stands.

  This year marks the start of my 9th sailing season with Galatea. Though, I’ve owned her for 10 years, having sat out one season. At 22 years of age, Galatea is in the prime of her mid life. With at least another 22 years to go. Whether I will own her for those next 22 years all depends on my financial situation. Owning a boat this size takes a lot of money.

  This weekend we did the rigging, got the main sail on, got the engine started, and did the usual cleaning and straightening up. Doing what needs to get done to get her ready for sea. I still have the headsail / genoa to put up. It was too windy this weekend to do that. It was at times gusting to over 20 knots. Janet helped but even with the two of us, the wind was too much.

So without the headsail and the heavy winds I wasn’t able to take Galatea for the first sail of the season. That will be next weekend / Memorial Day weekend.

During the work last weekend I took a break and sat on deck. I just wanted to rest up and look out upon Mattapoisett Harbor. Though it wasn’t long before I started taking a closer look at all the lines, and sails,  and spars on the boat.  And as I sat there I experienced an epiphany of sorts. I looked at my boat and saw all of these things as if for the first time, as if I’ve never really seen it all for what it is.  Maybe it was just due to the long winter. But there I was marveling and appreciating all that goes into a sailing vessel with the eyes of a child seeing something for the first time. It was pretty cool. It also gave me a new sense of pride in my own skills. Not just my skills of being able to navigate such a vessel at sea. But also my skills at being able to put together all of the parts that make a sailboat.

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