Another Winter Maintenance Update

  Thought I’d post a picture of Janet teaching our nephew Jack the ropes. Literally. I snapped a couple of pictures of Janet showing Jack how the mooring lines are tied to the forward cleats and how to let them go as we leave the mooring for a daysail.

  Not a whole of news to report for the end of March. The weather hasn’t been that great for working on the boat or I’ve been too busy with other things. Though Janet and I did manage to get down to the boat this past weekend. I installed the last hatch on the cabin top and worked on fairing the keel area while Janet took care of the interior teak.

  The idea of converting Galatea over to bio-diesel is a no-go. At least for this year. I couldn’t get a new fuel tank manufactured. I went through West Marine. What a joke they turned out to be. I emailed a drawing of the tank with the measurements in early January. I was told they’d send me the engineering drawings in one week. Well, after calling them several times to get the drawings they finally faxed me some really lame schematic about a month later. It wasn’t just lame as if a 7th grader drew it, it was wrong in several of the dimesnions. And I could even read most of the descriptions for the fittings. My hand drawn schematic I sent to them was a more professional job. I called them, listing the issues and asked for them to send me a new schematic. I thought I’d give them another chance. I waited another month and never heard anything from them. How pathetic an outfit is that! I emailed to cancel my order and ended up having Matapoisett Boatyard send the tank out to a welder for repair. It will save me a lot of money but I can’t use it then for bio-diesel. The inside of the tank will have all the diesel gunk buildup that the bio-diesel solvent would put into the fuel filters. Oh well !!!

  The Merc 3.3hp outboard isn’t running yet. I disassembled the entire engine again due to the problem with no coolent water coming out of the engine as I mentioned in my last blog. I found that water was being pumped into the powerhead but it just wasn’t coming out the discharge indicator hole. Everything was clear and looked right. I’m waiting now for another replacement gasket ( that I ruined during my last disassembly) before starting up again.

  I guess thats it for now. Next week Janet and I are heading over to swinging England, man!!! When we get back mid April it’ll be time to ramp up for the spring launch.

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