Outboard engine repair saga continues …….

    I’m soooooooo close!!! I brought the Mercury 3.3 hp engine outside to the back patio this afternoon. Filled  a bucket with water, poured in some gas to the fuel tank ( with extra oil for break in), and gave the starter a pull. Well, the engine started up nicely ( after a few pulls of the starter cord of course), and everything looked good. I was amazed. I started patting myself on the back, thinking what a great job I did for a rookie, until I saw there was no coolent water being expelled. I stopped the engine, gave the side of the engine shaft a couple of knocks, because thats what you do, right? Just bang it a few times and it will work. I started the engine up again, and no luck. There was no coolent water going through the engine. I brought the engine back down to my basement and removed the lower unit to test the water pump manually. I filled a bucket, stuck the lower unit up to the water intake level and twisted the drive shaft to verify whether the water was being pumped up through the tube. It wasn’t. That pointed to a blocked or failed water pump. So I disassembled it and everything I think looked good. My only guess is that the impellor or gaskets are bad and I just don’t know the difference. I’m going to order the parts over the internet right now while everything is fresh in my mind. As I said… I’m sooooooo close :-)

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