Coyote Beach

coyote beach

While I’m on the subject of activities in Mattapoisett during the summertime I should mention Coyote Beach. Janet and I like to take walks from the Town Wharves or motor the Jenhiu over and hang out for the afternoon at the beach.

In the picture above from Google, Coyote Beach is located to the left ( between the creek and the marshes). The Town Wharves are to the right. I don’t know the actual name of the area. So, we named the place Coyote Beach because one day during a walk we were confronted by a coyote along the dirt road leading to the beach. The coyote wasn’t standing in the road when we saw it. We would have just turned around if it was. Rather it was standing about 50 feet into the yard of the the only home on the stretch of land. And let me just say, that coyote had no fear of us at all. I had to pick up a stick before we walked past just in case it decided to attack. Luckily it didn’t :-)

As you can tell, we like to assign our own name to places we “discover”. It’s more fun that way. And why not.

The other thing to mention, in the picture, behind the Town Wharves is Mattapoisett Village. This place is an undiscovered treasure of historic old homes built by the colonial seafarers and shipbuilders of olde Rochester. The town of Mattapoisett not being established until the late 1800’s, breaking away from Rochester. The area is really cool. Great old houses from the 1700’s and 1800’s. Each home with a plaque listing the original owner and the date it was built.

Addendum (6/4/08):  I found out recently that the road for Coyote Beach is actually the old railroad bed that went through Mattapoisett.  If you look closely at the picture above you’ll see how the old railroad curved to the left and leads into Depot Road. No wonder why the road got it’s name…. the Depot station was located there. So, all that land at Coyote Beach is public. We didn’t know that before. One other bit of info is that the bike path will probably be built very soon over the old railroad bed. Fairhaven has already built theirs (which we rode on last week). The bike path will connect to Fairhaven, so we’ll be able to ride our bikes all the way from Mattapoisett Harbor to New Bedford Harbor… I can’t wait.

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