Sea Shell Island

see shell island

Sea Shell Island is the name I gave to the small spit of sand connected to Pine Island in Mattapoisett Harbor. In the picture from Google you can see it located in the center between Cresent Beach and the main section of Pine Island.

On summer day’s when Janet and I are spending time living on the boat, we’ll take excursions on the Jenhiu (our dinghy) around the Harbor. One of our favorite areas to go to is over by Cresent Beach and “Sea Shell Island”.

I named it Sea Shell Island one day when we took our 7 year old niece Jennifer over to the spit of sand and took a walk collecting sea shells. I didn’t know the name of the spit or even if it was connected to Pine Island. For fun I told Jennifer the name of the place was Sea Shell Island because the spit is literally covered by sea shells. And ever since that day I called it by that name.

Taking the Jenhiu over to Sea Shell Island is always a fun and relaxing time. The pond behind the spit is fun to row around in and very safe. Though, there are a lot of barnacle covered boulders in the pond so I don’t use the engine to avoid destroying the propeller (or shear pin) should we strike one.

The “island” as I mentioned is covered in sea shells. Spending time there and collecting shells isn’t just fun for children, it’s fun for everyone. I think it brings out the kid in all of us when we find interesting or exotic sea shells.

The other item of note about Sea Shell Island is I’ve been told it’s a great place to fish. Stripers run past the the very northern tip of the spit on their way into or out of the pond. Some summer evening I plan on heading out there and try my luck. Though, as I’ve mentioned I’ve never been a great fisherman. But how else to get better than just doing it.

Janet and I are looking forward to next summer in Mattapoisett and returning to Sea Shell Island. I can’t wait myself. These winters are much much too long. The picture below shows the northern tip of Sea Shell Island at high tide. The picture is taken from the end of Island Street in the Cresent Beach community where we have friends and family. The locals call this area “The Cove”.

sea shell island 2

Addendum (6/4/08):¬† I found out recently the real name of this island / spit of sand. It’s actually called¬† Goats Island. The cottage that Janet’s family own in Cresent Beach has an old map of the housing layout for the Cresent Beach community. On the map was the name of the island. So, now I’ll have start calling it by it’s real name.

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