A Place to Relax


  This chilly winter day is a good chance to write a little about Mattapoisett, why we spend our summers there, and why it’s the home port for Galatea. The picture above was taken of Shipyard Park and the Wharves on a calm early morning last summer while motoring the Jenhiu about the harbor.

A quick way to describe Mattapoisett is from a bumper sticker we saw this past summer. It read: “Keep Mayberry in Mattapoisett”. That couldn’t be more true. Mattapoisett is Mayberry. It’s a beautiful, peaceful little town, with absolutely none of the modern day trappings. There’s no Starbucks, no Tee-shirt shops, no tourist traps, and no tourists. There’s no strip malls, or Burger Kings, or any of the modern day urban sprawl that seems to exist everywhere you go, especially with resort areas such as Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard.

Mattapoisett is a place to get away from it all. In fact, it’s name originates from the a Native American word meaning “place of rest”. And that is why Janet and I love Mattapoisett so much. It is our getaway from our city life. It’s a place we can find solace.

Janet and I sometimes talk about entering a time warp when we get off of the highway and drive into town. It’s like entering the 1950’s. Because nothing has really changed in the town since the 1950’s. It’s a place that time forgot. And thats a good thing.

But even with the town being as close to Mayberry as you can image, there is still plenty to keep you busy on summer weekends. Besides the obvious boating activities, Janet and I can take walks along quiet neighborhood streets or spend afternoons at the beach. For lunch we can go to the local favorite ice cream shack the Oxford Creamery or for dinner we can motor the Jenhiu over to the town docks for a meal at the Kinsale ( an excellent Irish pub / restaurant). And for those days that aren’t good beach days, Janet and I take our beach chairs over to the Lighthouse and spend the afternoons reading whatever books we’ve recently picked up. Like I said it’s Mayberry.

Yes, Mattapoisett truly is a place of rest. It’s a very special place for both Janet and myself to get away from it all without ever having to take Galatea out or the harbor.


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