The end of another season

 Galatea was hauled out of the water this week. It’s a little sad the season has ended. But I can’t complain, 2007 was a great year with the boat. Janet and I spent more time on Galatea than any previous year. We spent nearly every weekend sailing or using the boat as our weekend getaway.

   Our sail to Cleveland Ledge turned out to be our last sail of the season. The picture above was taken of Buzzards Bay as we were returning to Mattapoisett Harbor on that last sail. It’s a fitting goodbye picture. It will remind me over the season what we have to look forward to next spring.

 Now comes months of work to get the boat ready for next season. And I have a lot of upgrades and maintainence to.  It’s never ending. :-) But if you want to keep an old boat going there is no other choice. As I’ve told many people over the years, sailing takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It’s not just sipping cocktails at anchor while watching a sunset. It’s also being covered with grime working under the engine compartment on beautiful fall days while everyone else is playing golf or taking walks to see the foliage. It’s give and take, and hard work like everything else in life. I’ll be describing my progress with the upkeep of Galatea over the winter. I know that by itself will bore most people so I won’t write a lot. I’ll try to spend more time writing of various things related to sailing.

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