Cleveland Ledge Daysail

cleveland ledge

  One of my favorite daysails in Buzzards Bay is sailing over to and around Cleveland Ledge Light, or just Cleveland Ledge as most people refer to the lighthouse. There’s not a lot of things to sail around in the Bay. Most daysails involve sailing back and forth along the coast or finding a new harbor to explore. But to sail around a destination, Cleveland Ledge is really the only option.

 The other day Janet and set sail from Mattapoisett on a gorgeous autumn morning. It was a perfect 75 degrees with light  5 to 10 knot winds out of the northeast. And not a cloud in the sky, as you can see from the picture I took of the lighthouse posted above. We didn’t have a destination planned. We thought we’d just sail around and enjoy the day. That is until we got past the second red nun in the harbor and saw Cleveland Ledge calling out in the distance. We set our course and just kicked back and soaked up the sun and the waves.

 We didn’t make it around the lighthouse. As we got mid-way in Buzzards Bay the wind died. We ended up just floating by at a half a knot towards the lighthouse. Neither one of us wanted to give up sailing for the day ( by turning on the engine). So, we floated and waited for the winds to change or pick up or do something. And we waited. And we floated. Eventually we said enough was enough. I clicked a few pictures of the lighthouse and we turned around for home with our engine cranking.

  I should have known. Less than 10 minutes later the wind picked up. It was still out of the NE which is a little odd since calm winds usually indicate a change of wind direction. Anyways it wasn’t long before we had more than enough wind. It kicked up to to 15 – 18 knots, with some 20 something knot gusts. We had to reef the genoa a couple of times on the way home. It was quite a difference than on our sail out.

  I looked up the history of Cleveland Ledge. I oftened wondered if it was named after the former president and sure enough it was. President Grover Cleveland’s summer white House was in Bourne. He loved to fish in Buzzards Bay. And so in his honor they named the lighthouse after him. If you want to learn more of the history check out this web site:

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