The Jenhiu

the jenhiu 

    We recovered our dinghy, The Jenhiu. Pronounced: “Jen – Hy- U”. Named after our seven year old niece Jennifer. The picture above was taken of it anchored off the town beach at Lake Tashmoo the day before we lost her in 10 foot seas in Buzzards Bay on Labor Day Monday. The line just snapped. I never expected to recover it, due to my pessimistic outlook on human nature. I figured some punk teenager would find it and make their own new boat (paint over the registration numbers). Though, Janet with her more optimistic outlook always believed we’d get it back.

Well, on Wednesday of the same week, just two days after we lost the Jenhiu, I received a letter in the mail from a person on Cape Cod informing us that they had found the dinghy on a sand bar in Falmouth. It turned out a retired gentleman taking a morning walk along the beach discovered our dinghy. He brought the boat home, looked up the registration numbers with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Police, and sent us the letter. We looked up were he found the dinghy, it was a straight line due east of were we lost her.

Janet and I took a drive down to Falmouth on Saturday to meet the man and pick up the boat. We were both very impressed with the elderly gentleman. I wish I could state his name and give him the credit he is due but that would violate his privacy. Anyways, he was a distinguished gentleman with obviously a ton of integrity. And he worked on the engine for us to boot. He cleaned out a lot of the sand and sprayed the engine parts with WD-40 to stop the rust. I couldn’t thank him enough for all he did for us. Janet and I gave him a gift certificate for $150 to one of the best restaurants on the Cape. We hope he and his wife enjoy themselves.

The condition of the Jenhiu was remarkably good. We were so lucky!!! No punctures in the boat and hardly any scratches. One of the oars was lost. But that’s it. And the engine wasn’t banged up at all. The only problem with the engine other than being filled with sand was that the lever for the fuel line was broken off.

After getting the Jenhiu home, I washed the sand off the boat and sprayed the engine components down with fogging oil. It will be a fall project to disassemble the engine and clean the sand from all of the gears and parts.

It’s a good feeling to know that the Jenhiu will be back in the spring of 2008.

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