Lake Tashmoo

lake tashmoo

Continuing from the blog “A Lucky Boat”: after getting past the entrance to Lake Tashmoo I decided to anchor further down in the harbor. As I’ve mentioned. I’ve never been to Lake Tashmoo so it was really a matter of discovering the best place to go. Getting past the narrow channel, I motored along the eastern side of the harbor just a few feet away from the moored boats. I didn’t know how deep any part of the harbor was and I didn’t have a chart. Staying close to moored boats is always a smart strategy. I continued motoring until I saw the public landing / dinghy docks on the eastern shore. From there I turned to starboard and picked a spot along the opposite side of the lake. The area in front of the public landing is a mooring field so my only choice was the opposite shoreline. Lake Tashmoo is long and narrow so even picking the other side of the harbor to anchor was really not very far away from where we’d have to motor to with the dinghy.

   After dropping the hook, and making sure we were secure ( verifying the anchor wasn’t dragging) Rafi and I were finally able to get below into the cabin, relax, and get out of our wet clothes. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon. Normally, this would be the time to crack open our first beers or make our way into town and have some fun. Not that day. We were tired from our sail. All our warm clothes were soaking wet. It was 60 degrees and still raining pretty hard. Instead, we just put on whatever dry clothes we still had left, wrapped ourselves in blankets, and drank some hot tea. And let me tell ya, that tea was probably the best I ever had :-)

The rain ended that night and we awoke to a perfect sunny and warm morning. With the sun shining we could see how beautiful Lake Tashmoo really was. It’s dotted with the summer homes of the rich and famous, but it’s mostly lined with trees giving you the feeling you’re away from the world.

Rafi and I enjoyed Martha’s Vineyard. We walked around and saw the sights. Had lunch at Nancy’s and did all the touristy stuff. For dinner we went over to Richard and Jan’s house for a BBQ. Where I met my old friend Paul, his wife Jane and their two sons. It was a good time. After dinner we shut the lights off and watched the Perseid meteor shower. It was a good time.

Anyways, I wanted to mention a few things more about Lake Tashmoo. First, I should say right off that this is definitely my favorite harbor in Martha’s Vineyard. It is so quiet and so well protected. The holding ground is great with all mud and the dinghy dock is well maintained. And if there’s no room at the doc, there’s a dinghy beach right along side. Though, what I liked best about Lake Tashmoo was the little beach at the entrance by the breakwater. You can take your dinghy right up to the beach and hang out for the day before heading back to the boat for cocktails.

Life is good in Lake Tashmoo.

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