Weekend Getaways in Mattapoisett

 Janet and I spent last weekend on the boat in Mattapoisett. We didn’t go sailing. We just used the boat as our weekend summer getaway, *our cottage on the water. We do that from time to time. We just relax and do nothing. During the day we’ll go to the beach, take walks, or go places. For dinner we’ll eat out or grill on the boat. We’ll do a lot of reading. Actually, Janet does a lot of reading. I’ll spend more time looking out on the water, trying to absorb everything. Basically, relaxing in our own ways; away from our TV’s, computers, and the daily grind at home.

This past weekend we went down to the boat on Thursday night. As soon as we got down to Mattapoisett, we loaded our gear into the Jenhiu (our dinghy) and headed out to Galatea. It was a warm, sunny, midsummers evening in the harbor. At home in Boston it was 90 something degrees and sweltering. On the boat, it was a refreshing 75 degrees from the natural air conditioning of Buzzards Bay.

After stowing our gear and doing all the odds and ends of getting the boat ready to live aboard, Janet and I started our weekend by making gin and tonics (with Bombay gin of course). We took our drinks forward and sat on the cabin in time to watch the sun go down. It was another breathtaking sunset. The high wispy clouds turning every imaginable shade of red as the sun finally fell from view. No work of art could ever capture the beauty of what nature can bestow. We both commented how lucky we were to be there to see such a remarkable sight. Later on that night as the nearly full moon climbed higher over the cloudless night, we witnessed the moonlight sparkling across the waves. It was another sight of nature we were lucky enough to see. Both events will stayed burned in my memory (as I’m sure Janet’s) for some time to come.

  *Another comment I wanted to bring up. Janet and I have a running disagreement going about how to describe the use of our boat. It’s funny really. When we first brought Galatea down to Mattapoisett I use to call weekends on the boat: “our condo on the water”. Janet hated that I called it that because Galatea hardly has the amenities of a condo. Alright, so I’ve since called it our “cottage on the water”. That doesn’t make Janet any happier. She calls it our “boat on the water”. I still like “cottage on the water”. Who says we have to agree on everything anyways? The way I see it is if we don’t intend to go out sailing then we’re not using it as a boat. We’re using it as a cottage. A cottage literally on the water. Which by the way is so much cheaper compared to the cost of a second home. And you don’t have to mow the yard or worry about noisy neighbors.

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