Galatea Lives Another Day

Hello…. It’s been awhile. Four years to be exact. Time really does fly. A lot has gone on during the past four years in my life. But not so much in the way of sailing. Galatea has been launched every Spring and hauled out every Fall. I’ve done a fair amount of sailing every year. But it’s been all day sailing around Buzzards Bay. Nothing of any real interest for my blog. Hence why I haven’t posted any entries in so long.

Two years ago I made the decision to sell Galatea. I came to the conclusion that it was just too much work and too much money to keep Galatea as a day sailor. I had several people interested in the boat and one person who seemed like he was ready to buy, but backed out of the deal at the last moment. His loss. Well, after not being able to sell the boat that year I decided to to donate it to the Mass Maritime Academy’s boat donation program. They were interested in the boat and a funny thing happened. The very week that I was filling out the paperwork for Mass Maritime I got a letter from the Harbor Master of Mattapoisett informing me that my name came up for a town mooring. I mean I had the paperwork filled out on a Tuesday night and got the letter on Wednesday.  In any case, if you are lucky enough to get a town mooring you don’t pass on the opportunity.

I tore up the Mass Maritime paper work and accepted the mooring. Though I faced another issue. Galatea was getting old. And with our cottage in Mattapoisett, I hadn’t had the time to devote my energies to fixing up the boat. I was originally hoping that a new owner would have the enthusiasm to do the required restoration and maintenance to keep Galatea in bristol shape. Since that didn’t happen, those tasks fall to me.

My goal now is to restore Galatea to the beauty she once was. (Not that she’s in bad shape….. but she is pushing 30). So, the restoration will be the focus of my blog from now on. Of course I’ll still be posting blog entries if anything of interest occurs during the sailing season.

Last Friday the boatyard soda blasted the old bottom paint off the hull. The picture above shows Galatea after the work was complete. I intended to have the boatyard put a new epoxy barrier coat. But much to my surprise, the old barrier coat (painted on in 1997) was still intact. So, I’ll have the boatyard apply a single coat of Interlux 2000 followed by a coat of hard epoxy anti-fouling. I’ll then apply 2 coats of ablative anti-fouling before launch.

Can’t wait now for the coming season!!!

PS- Looking now at the white barrier coat. I remember one gentleman, who I was showing the boat to a couple years back, telling me the boat wasn’t barrier coated. I had informed him over the phone that it was. He went around the boat and showed me where the bottom paint had chipped off showing the white “gelcoat”. I told him that yes, the boat was barrier and it’s color was white. What he was pointing out was barrier coat. The look he gave me! Like I was trying to con him but he was too smart to be fooled.

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