Galatea was launched today

Finally, the 2010 sailing season is here. All my hard work getting the boat ready for launch culminated with the boat hitting the water this morning. I was hoping to watch the event from my office using the MBY webcam. Unfortunately it didn’t appear to be working. That’s probably for the best. I’ve never seen the boat get launched. Not ever. I’d probably be too nervous watching. I’d be thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Envisioning the boat falling on it’s side, cracked open like an egg. No, better to just go down the following weekend to see  it sitting safe and sound on it’s morning.

I did the usual amount of maintenance and repair of the boat this spring. It always seems to need something I never expected. Or I finally take care of something that’s been left undone for years, Truthfully, you can never get everything done. There’s not enough time in the spring. And once the boats in the water I want to keep maintenance to a minimum….. so I can actually enjoy using the boat.

The big project I had done was replacing all the stays and turnbuckles. They still looked good. Dave, the manager at MBY thought I could go a few more years with what I had. But Galatea is 24 years old now and it was time. Some things in boats should be replaced to be on the safe side. Besides it fell  under  Frank’s Rule #2.  I have only two Rules I live my entire life by and they seem to working out alright for me:

Rule #1 = Do The Right Thing.

Addendum to Rule #1:  Always.

Rule #2 = When you THINK it’s time to reef. IT’S time to reef.*

I thought it was time to replace the stays. So, it was time.The same was true for the motor mounts on the diesel engine.  They had rusted badly. S I had to follow Rule #2  for that as well.

Anyways, signing off. I’ll update for my adventures this weekend. I won’t be able to post pictures for a while. My computer “blew up” a couple of weeks ago. I had to rebuild the system with Windows 7 and unfortunately many of my old applications, like Photoshop, don’t work with Windows 7. I don’t want to go out a spend another $100 for Photoshop. I need to shop around for a low cost alternative. Later

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