Engine Maintenance

  Got down to the boat this Sunday to continue my spring maintenance projects. Turned out to be too cold to do any painting or apply cetol to the teak. Instead it was good opportunity to work on the engine.

 First, I should mention it’s a 18 Hp Yanmar. Model 2GM20F. A very common sailboat engine with a good reputation. It was installed in 1997, so it’s 13 years old this season. If I treat it well, it should last forever. Today, I did the standard maintenance stuff, replaced the belts, took the water pump apart to replace the impellor, replaced the primary and secondary fuel filters, and changed the air filter. I also cleaned the dirt and grime on the engine, tightened up the hose clamps, sprayed WD-40 on parts to keep them lubricated, etc. Oh, and I discovered today that the Boatyard had replaced two of the motor mounts, which I requested to have done this winter. They were in pretty bad shape with a lot a rust. 13 years in a boat will do that. Anyways, the engine should be all set for launch.

 Overall, the boats in good shape. And I’m still ahead of schedule. I won’t be rushing to get everything done before launch like I’ve done in previous seasons. Which is good, since I have a lot of work to do at the house. Weekends are all work during the spring, thats for sure. AND, Janet and I are looking at a cottage in Mattapoisett.  If we do manage to get that, then that means work on the house, work on the boat, and work on the cottage. I don’t know how I’ll manage that.

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