Here we go again!

  Hello. I’m back! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything in my sailing blog. In fact, I haven’t written anything all winter. And for good reason….. I haven’t done anything all winter.

 Well, it’s March and I’m ready to get going. Last weekend I went down to the boat for the first time this year. The picture above is before I stepped foot on the deck. The plastic tarp I tied down blew off as you can see. Otherwise, Galatea is looking great.

 It was a beautiful 54 degree March day in Mattapoisett on Sunday and I took advantage by getting a lot done. Besides the usual first day back poking around to find out what needs to get done before launch, I managed to do a lot of sanding, scraping, and painting. I scaped most of the hull to prepare for the bottom painting. I got the prop sanded down. You can the “before” picture in my last blog entry of last year.  I painted the edison pedestal with primer. And I managed to even get some cosmetic work done in the cabin, as you can see I primed the hatch moldings in the picture above. They had faded to old and grey over the years.

  Talking about “over the years”, Galatea is 24 years old this year. She’s showing her age, but she has a lot more life left in her.

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