Old anti-fouling paint

  I discovered something that I never read before in any sailing magazines or books. The effectiveness of anti-fouling paint degrades over time. That statement seems like common sense. But I didn’t know that, nor as I mentioned ever heard of that before.

 As you can see in the picture above, I had a lot of marine growth on my prop this year. While I was inspecting this mess I noticed that a lot of the barnacles grew right on top of the paint. Not on bare/exposed areas of the prop as you would think.

 What I had done over the years for bottom painting Galatea was use an ablative bottom paint on the hull and a hard epoxy for the prop and shaft. Also, I used a different color paint for the prop to make it easier to see. Using a blue paint for the hull and a red for the prop.

 Well, painting the prop doesn’t use much paint at all. I purchased a quart of the hard epoxy in the early part of this decade. I believe it was 2001. I’ve been using this same quart for the past eight years or so and I still have half a can of the paint inside. I was expecting to use it for a few more years. That was until I saw the results when the boat was out of the water.

 I guess nobody ever used the same anti-fouling paint for nearly a decade. Meaning the guys writing the sailing magazines. Or possibly it was just a problem with the brand of paint I was using. Or even the batch of paint that was made that year. Who knows. It’s just a good thing to be aware of. In the spring I’ll buy a new quart of hard epoxy and write the date on the label. Being sure to throw it away (in a ecologically responible manner) at the 5 year mark.

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