Back to work

 Last weekend I started my winter’s maintenance work. I had a list of a dozen things to do. Though of course I ended up working primarily on a single project and getting only a few things done. That always seems to happen. The reason being, I start out thinking I only need to do something minor, then as I start taking things apart, I find I have a whole bunch of stuff to fix.

 The picture above is my steering pedestal. That was my major project last weekend. There had been a leak under the pedestal all last season. So, I intended to spend a half hour or so sealing up the base of

the pedestal. I ended up spending a few hours working on it. I took off all the hardware, including the table, and cupholder. Scrapped off all the old silicone at the base, metal polished everything, cleaned the plastic surfaces. Then sealed everything up. Basically, bringing the pedestal back to looking almost brand new. Actually, there’s some rust stains on the main stem of the pedestal that won’t come off. So, I’ll paint that in the spring…. then the pedestal will look brand new.

 Overall, the boats looking great.  I have some more projects I’ll discuss in later blogs. Such as the cabin ceiling has another leak. What I did last winter didn’t fix the problem completely. And I’ve got things like engine work and so on. I’ll be busy this winter working on Galatea whenever the weather permits.

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