I took the day off from work Friday to go sailing and secure the boat for the arrival of “Hurricane” Danny. I went sailing with Scott Keck, who’s pictured above with the island of Cuttyhunk off in the distance. We had an easterly wind all day which made it perfect for sailing south to Cuttyhunk.

  It’s not often we get a good wind that will easily take us south to visit the end of the Elizabeth Islands.  More often than not we have the strong southwesterlies. Or if we get a wind out of the NE or NW, that’s fine for sailing south. But we’ll end up having to beat against wind and waves for hours to get back to port. So when a good easterly wind kicks in, I try to take advantage of it.

 The picture above is Penikese Island. The picture below is Cuttyhunk.

  The forcast the day called for beautiful sunny skies and no rain before the so called hurricane would hit us the next day. As you can see, there was no sun. And we ended up sailing back to Mattapoisett in the rain. Not that the rain was heavy. We just weren’t prepared for it as we could have been.

  As far as Hurricaine Danny…. that was a washout. Literally. The storm weakened and just turned into a “rain event”. Thank god. But I didn’t know that on Friday as I took off the dodger and prepaired Galatea for the worst. All that work and worry for naught.

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