Going ashore at Onset


 My notes on going ashore at Onset: Onset is a small village within the town are Wareham. It’s a quaint little place, with a dual personality. During the day it has an old time friendly feel, with gingerbread houses, small town charm, families lining the beaches, salt water taffy and ice cream parlors with signs stating “Est 1895”. But in the evening, you don’t really feel safe walking the streets. There’s a strong police presence watching over a large number of teenagers hanging out and obviously up to no good, buying, selling drugs etc. Reminds me of my hometown. In any case, as Janet commented, “Onset’s great to visit as long as you get out of there before dark”.

 The picture above is the beach next to the wharf were we spent the afternoon.

The town dock for dinghies is located on the far side of the wharf (on the left facing from the harbor).  Each time we motored there we found plenty of space.  However, during the day we had to make our way through kids swimming out to the docks from the public beach. There was no Harbormaster or parents yelling at the kids to get off the docks. It was almost surreal motoring our dinghy past these kids. Just a few feet away from arms and legs getting chopped up by propellers. I don’t blame the kids for being stupid. Kids are always going to be stupid. It’s the parents who were negligent in watching their kids. But I digress……..

Onset has a huge beach for such a little town. After tying up the dinghy we walked across the parking lot at the wharf and got some snacks at Kenny’s, the local ice cream shop. Then walked to the beach behind the shop. In our opinion, the beach on the left side of the wharf (from the landlubbers view) was much less crowded than the main beach on the right side of the wharf. Janet and I enjoyed a great day at the beach there.

After drying off and changing our clothes in Galatea, we motored the dinghy back to spend the evening in town. We walked along the shops, and teenagers. We took a stroll among the cottages off the main streets. And our impression was this was “another Oak Bluffs”. It really is; gingerbread houses, lots of small cottages closely built next to one another, a large African-American community, and spiritualist churches. Our guess was that the African-Americans who didn’t summer in Oak Bluff, went to Onset instead. Just our hunch.

Another thing to mention is Marc Anthony’s Pizza Parlor. We ate there Saturday night. This place, although busy, was unbelievably good. It was the best pizza we’ve had, probably, since going to Italy. It was that good. Anybody who travels to Onset has to stop there for dinner. It’s a must. Janet mentioned we have to drive back to Onset just to get another one of their pizza’s.

Not much more to say about Onset. If you’re there on Wednesdays, they have a free music series during the summer that looks good. Other than that, it’s very small and not much more to do. The main thing about Onset is that it has a great little harbor, that you can go ashore for the day and enjoy their beaches, and at night have a pizza at Marc Anthony’s.

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