4th of July Vineyard trip (part 3)

   Janet and I had a great time on the Island. We did all the usual tourist stuff, went to the beach, went out to eat, etc, etc. Richard lent us his car so we had the opportunity to get around better than had we relied on the just taking the buses. By the way, thanks again Rich.

  Our last night on the mooring at Vineyard Haven proved to be little exciting. Janet and I were relaxing just before dinner time on Galatea after a long day at the beach :-) Thats when the line of thunderstorms moved our way. The top picture shows the thunderclouds building, while the bottom picture shows one of the clouds moving over us. A little while later we were hit by a squall with heavy rains. The squall was so strong, Galatea was healing over about 20 degrees tied to it’s mooring while whitecaps and heavy rain engulfed us. I explained to Janet step by step what was happening ( I’d been though enough of them at sea). This was actually the perfect way for Janet to gain the experience of being hit by a squall without having the danger of sailing through it out on the open water.

 Well, that’s it for our Vineyard vacation. We’ll be back for weekends from time to time.


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