Bassett’s Island


We sailed over to Red Brook Harbor last weekend and spent the night anchored behind Bassett’s Island. It’s a great anchoring spot, well protected,  good holding ground with a mud bottom, and good swimming. The island is always crowded during summer weekends with all the power boats lined up along the shore. But it’s really not that bad. In the anchorage behind Basset’s where we stayed there was plenty of room to set an anchor. And plenty of room to bring our dinghy to shore for a swim. Overall, it was really quite pleasant in Red Brook Harbor behind Bassett’s Island. On Saturday, by six o’clock in the evening most of  the powerboats had cleared out leaving only the sailboats behind for a tranquil evening afloat…. as you can see above.


Janet and I sailed over on Saturday morning in light and variable winds. The course to steer after Angelica Point in Mattapoisett is 80 degrees magnetic. Though instead of following the compass, all you really need to steer for is the lighthouse at the tip of Wings Neck. The old abandoned lighthouse once used for the Cape Cod Canal can be seen quite a ways down Buzzards Bay if you know what you’re looking for. It’s sitting high up on a hill with a protective stone barrier wall, making the area whitish from the distance. 

  After clearing red nun #2 outside Scraggy Neck you can take an easterly course towards the entrance of Red Brook Harbor, via the southern tip of Bassetts Island. Which was the route we took. Or you can take a more north easterly course for Pocassett Harbor. And travel around the northern tip of Bassetts to reach the anchorage. My opinion is the route through Pocassett Harbor is much more scenic and less crowded. It may even be shorter to the anchorage that way, as well. We took the northern route through Pocassett Harbor on our way home Sunday morning. The picture above was taken in the harbor looking out into Buzzards Bay.

 One other thing to mention (maybe the most important):  The anchorage behind Bassetts Island is on your port side after the last green can marking the channel around the southern part of Bassetts. Be extra careful to go around the very last green can. There’s a rock just behind that can. The anchorage itself appears to extend all the way to the red nun marking the channel going around the northern side of Bassetts’s into Pocassett Harbor.

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