4th of July in Mattapoisett

  We spent the July 4th weekend in Mattapoisett this year. Originally we planned on sailing to the Vineyard. But the weather forcast called for thunderstorms and heavy winds during the holiday so Janet and I decided to stay local. One of the benefits of not sailing was getting the chance to go kayaking with our new inflatable kayak.

 The picture above isn’t us (obviously). It’s the exact model of our boat from the manufacturers web site. It’s a little difficult to get a picture of ourselves so I thought I’d borrow one to post on my blog.

 We drove over  on Saturday to South Dartmouth and took a cruise on the Slocum River. It is an amazing beautiful river with lots of marshes. Very popular kayaking area with dozens of people paddling about. We took some excursions down some smaller creeks and just explored where we could. Ate lunch on the kayak while we were at the end of one of the creeks. Overall it was great fun. something Janet and I plan to do a lot of.

   By the way, I highly recomend inflatable kayaks from Sea Eagle. It’s so easy to carry the rolled up boat in your car and pump it up when you get to your destination. We were the only ones we saw on the Slocum  River with an inflatable. Though, as Janet pointed out, having a 2 person kayak is much more fun. You get to talk with each other as you explore and see new things.

 After the day kayaking, we spent the night on Galatea. Janet cooked up a great meal. And as soon as it got dark we watched the fireworks going off all around the harbor. It was very cool. Mattapoisett had the best fireworks I’ve ever seen them have.

 Sunday we planned on going out for a daysail. But the winds were gusting up to 25 knots. S0 again we had to cancel due to the weather. Like I’ve said before, sailing is so dependant on the weather. The only saving grace so far this year  (of considering the sailing season to be a washout) is living on the boat during the weekends. Just hanging out on the boat is a slice of heaven in itself.

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