The Rain of June 2009

 The rain for June 2009 was one for the record books.  

 It rained nearly every day. Officially, up to this point, there were 4 days of sun this month in Massachusetts. The last I heard we were in 2nd place for the all time rainiest June. And it was the coldest June I can ever remember as well. Averaging in the high 60’s nearly every day. Last year we had 4 days over 90 degrees. We were on the beach every weekend in June 2008, swimming, sunbathing. What a difference! 

 This just brings up the point how dependant sailors are on the weather. There’s fog, thunderstorms, rain, high winds that produce heavy seas.

 I was able to go out sailing twice this month. We took advantage of 2 of the 4 sunny days at least. This past weekend, Mattapoisett was socked in with fog most of the day. It didn’t get nice till after 2pm. Though, I was waiting for Janet to come down to the boat around 4 in the afternoon, so I just worked on the boat all day and took breaks sitting on deck watching the activities of the harbor. Just being on the boat is good enough for me.

 Janet and I spent Saturday night on Galatea. Had burgers and wine for dinner while we sat enjoying our “waterfront view”. As Janet joked, “you can’t get any better view of the water than this.” After dark, we watched movies on our new portable DVD player. Of which I have mixed feelings about. We always used the boat to get away from all the modern trapping of life at home. Living on the boat, we can slow things down: read, comtemplate, watch the boats go by, study the weather, look at the stars. On the other hand, cuddling up and watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on the boat was pretty cool…….

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