Gone fishing ……

Yesterday the fish were jumping!!!!!! A few minutes outside of Mattapoisett Harbor, Janet suggested I get the fishing rod out and see if we could catch anything. We ended up hooking about six fish (loosing most of them). But catching two baby stripers.

A picture of me fighting one of the fish……..Though, Janet had the best luck in hooking the fish. I’d let the lore out behind the boat, then wait and wait to catch something, no luck. Then I’d hand the fishing pole over to Janet, and each time, within like a minute, she’d be yell’n we got something. Then we’d do it all over, again and again Janet had the best luck.

Here I am removing the hook…. You can see the lore I used, the long red tube. My brother and nephew who are experienced fishermen told me those red tubes were the best for catching stripers. They’re suppose to look like sea eels that the stripers love to eat.

Victorious!!! At first I wasn’t sure what kind of fish it was. It was a little over 2 feet long, the size of a Bluefish, but it didn’t put any real fight when I hauled it in. As I observed the fins, color, and teeth, I realized it was a baby striper, a Striped Bass. So I threw it back into the sea as required by law or as the fishermen say it wasn’t a “keepa”. I ended up cathing another of these baby stripers. I also hooked what had to be a bluefish because it gave me one hell of a fight: jumping out of the water, swiming back and forth. That was fun, fighting to haul that fish in. But I didn’t catch it. That was one of the four other fish that got away before I could haul it into the boat. Anyways, that was a great day of fishing.

Oh, almost forgot to mention Janets and my new nicknames we gave each other while we were fishing. I’m “Fish-guts Frank” because of how I got blood and fish guts on me while I was removing the hooks from the fish. Janets nickname is “Hook ’em and cook ’em Janet” because she was the one hook’n all the fish and she’s the chef in the family.

Addendum 7/6/09

I identified the fish we caught by comparing the pictures we took with online information. They were bluefish.

That just goes to show how much of an amateur I am when it comes to fishing. The fish just didn’t look like the bluefish I had caught a couple of years before. These fish were olive green. I thought bluefish were blue. Also, they didn’t put up a good fight when I hauled them in. I thought all bluefish fought like hell. The fact is I guess, not all do.

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