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Boat maintenance update

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

I went down to the boat yesterday to begin my maintenance projects. It was my first trip down all winter. Overall, the boat looked pretty good. The cheapo tarp I covered the deck with had blown to the side, as the picture shows. But, all in all, everything was good. (more…)

I’m Back

Saturday, February 14th, 2009


I’ve taken a hiatus from all things boating this winter of 2008/2009.  I haven’t done any work on the boat or made any plans for repairs.  Nor have I been updating this blog, obviously. Part of the reason I haven’t done anything was the very real possibility of layoffs from work due to the economic meltdown we’re all facing. If I lost my job I’d have to give up the boat. Probably just have to give Galatea away. With that reality I just didn’t have the positive attitude of doing all the work needed to get her ready for another season. Nor did I have a good attitude about boating in general. I was just down about the whole thing. (more…)