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Richards sailing adventure aboard Karma

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

    As I’ve mentioned, I plan on posting some writings from Richard Rooney. He e-mails me his stories of his adventures aboard the sloop Karma, sailing the waters around Martha’s Vineyard. He has really good stories so I thought I’d share them with the world ( with his permission of course). Here’s one of his email’s. I’ve edited slightly for readability:  

  “I had not been able to stand straight for weeks, walking hunched over with a cane most days. I was unable to even get out to the boat — even to get into the dinghy. In Boston last Friday, doctors injected cortisone into the joints on either side of my spine. It brought instant relief to an intolerable pain that has crippled me since Memorial Day. Yesterday I felt reborn, my back pain numbed, standing straight, fore and aft, and ready to board KARMA once again. I went out to the boat at about 10:30am. As I sat in the cockpit, the weather was beautiful and inviting. The winds were light, out of the north-northeast about 10mph. The harbor was very busy. Some of the work to KARMA’s interior was still undone and in the same state it was left 4 weeks ago when I got hurt. As I sat in the cockpit — the sun and wind teasing me, I decided to start the engine and ride off the mooring for a short sail. I was barefoot, wearing just an oxford shirt and jeans. I had no water, no food (nor had I yet eaten breakfast). (more…)

First you have to row a little boat

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

    I’ve been reading the book “First you have to row a little boat” by Richard Bode. Actually, I read it many years ago. So, I’m re-reading it now (I forgot most of it).  The book describes how the author manages to live his life and navigate through the ups and downs from the lessons he learned as a boy sailing his sloop throught the waters of Long Island.

   I wanted to post a couple of paragraphs from the book that I particularly liked. From Chapter 3: A boys will is the wind’s will:

   “I kept the blue sloop in a long canal bordered by a road on either side, and I would be less than honest if I didn’t admit I took certain pride of ownership. I was always pleased when motorists slowed down to admire the boat, especially when I was aboard, raising the sails, casting away. But if the boat was merely an adornment, like a piece of jewelry or a fancy hat, then it would hardly have been worth the dream. (more…)

2nd & 3rd Mates

Saturday, September 15th, 2007


 Posting some pictures of Galatea’s second and third mates. Above is Janet at the helm teaching Jack to sail the boat. Below, Janet’s sister Susan is helping her daughter Jennifer to fish. Unfortunately, Jennifer didn’t catch anything that day as we sailed around Mattapoisett Harbor. Hopefully she’ll have better luck next time.


Hadley’s Harbor

Thursday, September 13th, 2007


Hadley’s Harbor is located on the western entrance to Woods Hole in Buzzards Bay. It is regarded as one of the nicest, most serene, and well protected harbors in southern New England. Many cruising sailors make a point to stop for the night at Hadley’s (it’s that nice). It’s also a place where sailors can stop for a few hours while they wait for favorable currents in the channel for Woods Hole. Power boats don’t need to worry about the currents. But most sailboats can’t buck a four and a half knot current flowing against them. (more…)

The Jenhiu

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

the jenhiu 

    We recovered our dinghy, The Jenhiu. Pronounced: “Jen – Hy- U”. Named after our seven year old niece Jennifer. The picture above was taken of it anchored off the town beach at Lake Tashmoo the day before we lost her in 10 foot seas in Buzzards Bay on Labor Day Monday. The line just snapped. I never expected to recover it, due to my pessimistic outlook on human nature. I figured some punk teenager would find it and make their own new boat (paint over the registration numbers). Though, Janet with her more optimistic outlook always believed we’d get it back. (more…)

Our Labor Day Heavy Weather Adventure

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

If there was ever a time not to go sailing, Monday, September 3rd, 2007 was that day.


As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, Janet and I spent the Labor Day Weekend in Lake Tashmoo on Martha’s Vineyard. It was an incredibly beautiful end of the summer weekend on the Vineyard. We didn’t want to leave. So, when we first heard the weather forecast calling for 35 knot gusts on our trip home Monday, we thought we’d either leave on Sunday night or stay till Tuesday. (more…)

Back To Tashmoo

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007, Janet and I sailed over to Lake Tashmoo on Martha’s Vineyard.. I told her what an unbelievably gorgeous harbor I had “discovered” on my previous voyage. Janet was curious and wanted to see it for herself. The three day weekend was the perfect time for us to go. We were both stressed out from work and life in general and needed all the time we could get to just relax.

We set sail from Mattapoisett on Saturday at 6:30am. It was a beautiful, ideal, end of summer day with a nice breeze from the northwest. Nothing remarkable about the sail over except to say again how beautiful it was. During the trip, Janet and I talked about how lucky were to experience sailing the waters of Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound. We talked about how there are over five million people who live in Massachusetts and that only a few thousand will ever see and experience what we were doing that day. When that conversation ended, I think we both looked out at the islands before us and thought to ourselves how truly fortunate we were. (more…)

Lake Tashmoo

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

lake tashmoo

Continuing from the blog “A Lucky Boat”: after getting past the entrance to Lake Tashmoo I decided to anchor further down in the harbor. As I’ve mentioned. I’ve never been to Lake Tashmoo so it was really a matter of discovering the best place to go. Getting past the narrow channel, I motored along the eastern side of the harbor just a few feet away from the moored boats. I didn’t know how deep any part of the harbor was and I didn’t have a chart. Staying close to moored boats is always a smart strategy. I continued motoring until I saw the public landing / dinghy docks on the eastern shore. From there I turned to starboard and picked a spot along the opposite side of the lake. The area in front of the public landing is a mooring field so my only choice was the opposite shoreline. Lake Tashmoo is long and narrow so even picking the other side of the harbor to anchor was really not very far away from where we’d have to motor to with the dinghy. (more…)


Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


 I’ve been on hiatus from my blog for a few weeks. Finding time to write was difficult. And I hadn’t done much sailing. After my trip to the Vineyard a few weeks ago I hadn’t sailed much after that. Janet and I spent most of the weekends in Mattapoisett using the boat as cottage. (more…)