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A Lucky Boat

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

┬áBefore I bought Galatea, she was owned by my sailing buddy Mike. I did a lot of sailing with Mike in the 1990’s. Anyway’s, Mike and I would get into jams from time to time out on the water. Every sailor knows what I’m talking about. There’s so many things that can wrong or mistakes that can be made. Given enough time, it’s a wonder any of us survive at all.

Well, one of the things that Mike use to say every time we made it through one situation or another was, “She’s a lucky boat!”.

Time after time over the years that I’ve owned Galatea, she’s proven Mike right. Maybe over the winter time when things are slow I can write some blog entries about some of those adventures I lived to tell about.

To get back to the topic, this past weekend Galatea proved herself once again to be a lucky boat.